<#$$#@&@!$#@$> Eyelash yarn

Just took something like 45 minutes to knit my 1st 3 rows useing eyelash yarn.... does this stuff get any easier or is it the evil creation it seems to be? I am makeing something for my wife, and wondering if it may be better to use something else, or if I just need to get use to this stuff...




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What size needles are you using?  And are you knitting with just the eyelash?  What are you knitting?

 It may just take a bit of getting used to, but it's generally knit on BIG needles.  Size 10 or size 15, for instance, and often carried along with another yarn.

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I knew there was a reason I avoid novelty yarns.

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I can identify. I just bought 11 balls of eyelash (.75") yarn to make myself a sweater.  It was my Yule present to myself.  I got all caught up in the color and effect and found a very good price.  So, to date, I've started the blasted sweater three times and have ripped and put the yarn away three times thinking all the while, "What on earth have I done to myself?!"  I think that JPaul's advice is good. I might consider mixing it with another yarn just to give it some stability.  To me, the eyelashes themselves are the source of trouble because they snag, bunch up, hang up, etc.  Oh, the irony!

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DEFINITELY knit it with another yarn...or two... that's where the colour mixing fun comes from...then the eyelash becomes a "frosting" on the other colour... I use eyelash a lot...but always with other yarns. Bill

When I've used this yarn,  mainly scarves and stoles, in garter stitch,  the pattern knits to large(ish) needles - 3.5/4 mm.  I have to say I have only used specific patterns for the yarn. I wouldn't think this yarn is easily interchangeable with other yarns and suggest you only use a pattern designed for for it.  I have seen some lovely work done in this though.  A friend's mother made her a lovely mink-coloured collar that she simply places over a basic black sweater.  It looks fantastic!  I'm afraid it looks as though it's back to swatches and working out the gauge.


I used it for a swatch & there & then decided to combine it with another yarn. I used some chenille to make a scarf for my sister & it worked really well on size 15 needles. 

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