Because I'm dumb.

I gave my partner two skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn in the Pinstripe colorway for Xmas, because he's been wanting some fingerless gloves so he can still type when his hands get cold.  I, being the loving man I am, offered to learn how to knit said fingerless gloves.  Here's where the 'because I'm dumb' part comes in:  I don't have a pattern.  I thought about doing the Broadstreet Mitten from Knitty for him, since they're made with a sock yarn, but he wants the thumb to be cut off, like the fingers.  Is that something I can do?  Just bind off where I want them to stop?  Also, the instructions for the other hand say 'just reverse the instructions'.  Vague much, then?

Is there a better/different pattern that anyone knows of?  I'd really like to make these, but damn, I hate to get all frustrated, and I think the 'reverse the directions' thing would do just that. 


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I've made wrist warmers with a thumb opening - basically just did it as I did the mittens I'm working on right now - and bound off the thumb hole after two rounds. The second round I did as a purl round to prevent any rolling, which worked nicely and looked good, but I don't know that it would be necessary.

As for the 'reverse the directions' part, it wouldn't really be necessary if you're leaving off the mitten part of the pattern. Because the thumb gusset is on the side, only the mitten flip-top makes it unidirectional at all (make two the same way and you'll have one flip-top that flips into the palm). Leave it off and you can do two identical and put them on either hand.

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It's not because you're dumb, it's because you're caring...  You can adapt any glove or mitten pattern.

The positioning of the thumb for right and left hands is quite un-necessary.  It's only done on smart patterns because the thumb moves downwards and inwards and a slight alteration to the pattern allows for this movement but basically the thumb sticks out the side so two identical gloves makes little differnce in the wearing of them.

It you're keeping short fingers, knitted to the first knuckle only then just follow a basic patterns and cast off( I think the US term is bind off?) after about an inch.  It's usual to finish the last two or three rows - depending on the wool thickness - in garter stitch.  Make sure you cast off loosely.

You can also do the same for a half mitten but they do look a tad like the lacegloves worn by Victorian dowgers.

If you get stuck for patterns I have quite a few simple ones as I collect old patterns from WW2.

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I made my first pair recently just before the holidays.  Followed the pattern in the Not Just Socks book.  It went smoothly and I like them so I can read the newspaper when it is cold.  Good luck and have fun.