Finishing a project

I have been knitting for about two months, and most of those two months have been me learning how to hold the needles properly, how to do different stitches, and how to read the patterns. That all said, I just finished my first scarf and hat! I just bound off (is that the past tense for 'bind off' or 'cast off'?) the scarf and about to weave in the loose ends. I will post a picture of it; I am as proud as a kindegartener would be of his handprint turkey.

The hat is another issue. I have decreased the stitches like the pattern says, but I have no idea how to take the hat off the (circular) needeles and actually close up the hat with stitches. Any hat knitters out there care to help?


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If you are not knitting with two circulars you will have to put the hat on double pointed needles. When you have decreased to about 8 stitches, break the wool leaving about a 12 to 14 inch tail. Thread this tail through a needle and then run the needle through the eight stitches on the needles pull out the needles and pull tightly. Put the needle through to the inside and turn the hat inside out. Now you can finish off by catchng a stitch and making a knot and then running the wool throught 5 or 6 stitches and cutting it off. That is the way I do it but I am sure there are other methods. Good luck

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Welcome to the group and congratulations on the first project.