Dogosaurus Rex ??

Here she is ! Ms. Maggie . My monster. She loves this lime green, purple, and yellow costume. She will not let me take it off of her...


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I love it! She's adorable too!

I need to figure out how to knit things for my dog. Nothing I buy fits him correctly.

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That's really cute!

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I love that, Ms. Maggie looks like a sweetheart.



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She does look like she is comfortable - sometimes you see dogs in outfits and you can tell they ONLY wear it because they are indulging their pet human.

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That rocks. She's be a hit at the dog park.

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You rock! I love pet owners who treat their pets like the well deserving companions they are. She looks too cute! Love the choice in colors. Great job.

Hello Gentlemen!
Im so glad you are doing it for the boys and loving it as much as us girls. I have a favour to ask. I am desparate to knit the dogosaurus rex jumper for a Schnauzer i know. (Bosie). He and his owner really have there hearts set on it. Can anyone help with a copy of the pattern cos i think its out of print now. PLEASE?????
Please contact me on;
PLEASE?????? Id be eternally grateful.