Okay I thought this was funny.

I ran across some of my older knitted projects--this one was the very first attempt I made at knitting. I had no idea about swatching and gauge, it was a cheap kit and I just knit with what I had, no. 8 needles and some acrylic yarn. It's soooo stiff I was able to set it on its side...

Since it will melt if I try to use it as a potholder, I might make some snappy little coats for my three Jack Russells.


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Fortunately, a preexisting dislike for synthetic materials protected me from making too heinous a fiber choice for my first projects.

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Looks Like a table runner to me... or maybe you could sew the long sides together, knit a snake head on it, stuff it and use it for a door snake? Or maybe set it aside until winter and give it to a homeless person, or someone else in need?

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Think of it as a potential, fabulous, archaeological find in the year 2508!

Jonathan in DC
Think less, enjoy it more.

Think less, enjoy it more.

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My first scarf was a "Red Heart" varigated ribbed number. It wasn't a bad scarf outside of the fact that I hadn't realized that I had two dyelots, and it was really obvious in the pattern and colour shift in the middle of the scarf. UGH.