Tree of Life Pattern

OK Boys,
I've had enough people ask, so here's what I've done...
The original "Tree of Life" pattern in from Lion Brand. You can DL it from there site for $3.95. OR register at and DL it for free.

I took there basic pattern for the tree, and pretty much ignored the rest of the pattern... They call for 4 repeats of the tree pattern in each row, I'm using 3 (don't like even numbers visually). I'm also skipping the "flower garden" section (I'm not that gay...)

Working with 2 strands of TLC worsted (synthetic, but I've got cats and need to be able to wash it...) and size 13 circular needles.

I'm going to put some kind or border around it, just haven't figured out what yet. Their's has a sorta scallopy thing that's just not working for me.

Lemme know if you have any other questions.



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Thanks!! I just printed off the pattern and will put it in my project to-do file. Love those free patterns...

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I just went and checked the version of the afghan, and found out I am that gay. I liked the flower

Your work is beautiful, and you're making MaryM's pattern look good. As for synthetics and cats, I also own a cat, and I often use wool in my afghan projects. Of course my cat's favorite is the Manos throw I did a while back and it gets completely matted with hair, but it's just about as easy to shake out and wash as a synthetic blanket. I just let it soak in the washing machine with a little conditioning shampoo, and then soak again to rinse and spin out the water. Okay maybe a little more hands-on than synthetics.

If your afghans are machine dryable, they would be a lot easier to maintain, because I do have to lay out the freshly washed wool throw to let it dry.