Boys' night at home

Joakim and I, Saturday.


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That's great!! How much fun is that!


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Is he doing tvandstickning also?

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No, he's practising garter stitch - planning to make a sweater! In my opinion, it's more likely to be a scarf, but I just couldn't tell him that as it would sound so discouraging. He'll probably figure in out himself, anyway.

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That is the perfect MWK photo. Thanks for putting it out here.

I'm about to teach a woman here at work to knit, and it's very satisfying that I can pass on my knowledge and experience...but no where near as satisfying as watching you two knit.

I love how comfortable he looks with it.

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super cute!!!!!!!

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If MWK had a featured photo on the home page like Yahoo groups do - this is the photo I'd want sitting out there....

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Ha! That would be a nice addition to my cv: MWK figurehead! Seriously, I'm honoured and flattered!

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I Love It!!!! So Great!!!!! You will have to do another one when the project is finished!

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That is adorable, the MWK of the future. _____________________________


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This is absolutely preciious!

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You got to love his ambition to make a sweater....I can't even think about tackling a sweater. Yet, kids are young and then can think they do anything. Good to see he is knitting!!!

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Your son is very lucky! And I'd say that you must have been a lucky kid too. I had a very supportive mother, but dad was mostly unfomfortable with my unconventional interests. So, kudos to you for being a good dad.

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Oh, he's not my son but a friend's - Joakim's dad doesn't mind at all, fortunately. (He actually knitted himself a sweater as a teenager!) I consider myself lucky to know a child who's eager to learn how to knit.