Orphan skein needs project

I once bought a single skein of Rowan Ribbon Twist. I love it, and the colors, but don;t know what I can make out of a single skein of it. Any ideas? Patterns greatly appreciated. i am a fan of hats. But other patterns fine too.

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Good morning Dan,

Have you seen Judith Durant's book, One Skein Wonders? I haven't looked at it closely, so I don't know what might be in it, but you might find something there. Also, i find orphan skeins make great stripes in larger projects.

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Elizabeth Zimmerman suggests using leftover bits of yarn skeins in the yoke of a ski sweater (see Knitting Without Tears). I think for guys, a shot of contrasting yarn at the high chest point of a sweater is always nice--helps create that much sought after "Y shape" illusion. You might also throw a little at the cuffs of the sweater to tie it in. A stripe or band of it in a watchman's cap would be nice, not sure how it would work in the ribbing, since I'm going to assume the ribbon doesn't have any elasticity to it. The yarn looks really chunky, but you could maybe do something cool with making an i-cord out of it or just using it with swiss stitching (duplicate stitch) to add a graphic detail to something... I have more ideas than technique, so you'll have to hit up some of the guys around here for how to make any of that work... LOL...

BTW, Argentina sounds awesome. Be sure to bring home an extra suitcase or two of that great (inexpensive) yarn. You'll regret it later if you don't.

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With that yarn being only 66 yards/skein, there's probably not a whole lot you could knit with it on its own. I agree that using a fun yarn like that is neat in stripes. You could also try knitting some non-clothing items that don't require a lot of yarn. For example, you could knit an mp3 player case/holder. I have a book somewhere that has a billfold/business card holder pattern in it. You could even knit a cozzee for cans or bottles. Those are super popular at my LYS, and you'll see the ladies in there using them on beverages that don't even need one! Since it is wool, you could also try your hand at making a felted item. Any of the projects I mentioned could easily be felted, but if you go that route, make sure to enlarge the item to compensate for the shrinkage and doing a practice felted swatch (measuring before and after) is NEVER a bad idea. Have fun!

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This is why you need ravelry.com. Type it in and get pattern ideas!

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I use ribbons and all kinds of stuff in the blankets that I do - I keep these orphan balls together organized by color and put them in stripes into blankets... also freeform knitting/crochet is a great way to use them - ribbon knits up neat - if it was more yardage you could do a hat - but it's a little too small for that...




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Here's a long list of patterns you can knit with 1-285 yards of yarn. They're listed by yardage and linked to the pattern.


Hey...I've really gotten into making blankets with "orphan" skeins -- I like to double or triple strand them and knit 'em up on HUGE needles (35s! They're great)...

It takes a while to acquire an "orphanage", but it's rewarding to make a big project with lots of bits! Especially if they're in the same color-way! :)

I posted a blanket I made in this fashion on my Ravelry site that idea strikes our fancy -- My ravelry name is MarkFifersMyHero...shocking, no? :)

btw -- LOVE the 500 bitty projects site! Too cool! Thanks for sharing!

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