Blocking - a mystic experience

Well this is the first piece that I've ever blocked and let me tell you it was frightening. This is the Prarie Shawl form Folk Shawls done in Cascade 220 (no color name on the label) #8 needles. It's a mother's day present for my mom. Anyway the scariest part was putting it in the water. I followed the instructions from Stitch 'n Bitch and used my Crew shower gel for soap it worked really well and rinsed out easily and the shawl smells great. After I pulled it out of the final rinse it fely like a medium size wet road kill. When I started blocking it it seem to grow to twice it's actual size. I pulled out my tape measure and just started working it into the correct shape and size. The shawl seemed to know what I wanted it to do because in no time I had it blocked out. Hopefully all will be well when I pull it up tonight.


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Blocking is indeed a mystical esperience. Especially with some of the more intricate lace, where the item goes from a wadded mass to a beutiful lacework. It's very much like watching a moth or butterfly emerge from a coccoon - hard to believe that soggy lump turns into such a delicate creation.
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How true is that? I never "got it" until I blocked my first lace item. It used to seem like a pain but now it's just another part of knitting that I thoroughly enjoy.


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A butterfly emerging from a coccoon - that's exactly what it was like. It was almost effortless for me to get it into the proper shape - like it knew what to do on it's own. I can't wait to block something else.

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"I can't wait to block something else."

Send me your address. I could keep you busy with blocking!

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That is one beautiful shawl, Scotty. I hope you use it next winter with joy.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think gray is an earth tone. I thought this was for your Lutheran mom?


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It's Oatmeal - a borderline earthtone. although, because my mother is not a natural Lutheran ,she married in to it, we do give her some latitude regarding color as long as she doesn't wear it to church.

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Congratulations on the blocking, the shawl looks great.

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Beautiful work and I like the color, what ever the name of it is. Blocking is one of several thinks I have not done yet and it is probably the one thing that has me on pins and needles. With the Irish Diamond Shawl I'm working on, also from Folk Shawls (love that book), the lace has me worried...