Baby Sweater

Well I finally finished and put together the baby sweater I have had hanging around. Its for my partner's great(grand?) niece. I did it in various sock yarns and it was fun playing with the colours. The two colour ribbing at wrists, waist and neck button band was a pain in the ass, but worth it. Now I am making up a goofy hat for the kid with the leftover yarn. (Fingering weight, 2.5 and 3.0 mm circ needles) Because it is fun humiliating kids years later with pictures of them wearing goofy hats we inflicted on them when they were too young to object. lol


I love this - it's so different from the usual pastel baby things. Hope we get to see the great niece wearing it.

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That is so cute! Love to see some close up pix!

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I love the hat. It's so funny how kids love to wear hats - the goofier the better. When my partner's and my son was little I crocheted all of his holloween costumes until he decided he liked the store bought stuff better but he loved the head gear most of all and anything with a tail.

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Very cute! Love the colors.

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Very cute. The colors are great. I was so worried then I decided to try my first major garment and a baby sweater was a great choice. Since then I'm knitting without fear. Hope to see more close-up pictures.