P P P P Prrrroooogggggresssss

Last night I steeked some shoulder cap shaping onto the sleeves (I'm getting good at that...very handy with the sewing machine on handknits)... and sewed in one sleeve. It looks perfect and I'm very happy...BUT... I'm not sure with the size and colour of the underarm gussets. I think they just might be a bit big and a teensy bit lighter in value than I would like... Fortunately, due to the nature of gussets, I can complete the entire sweater and then switch them out for smaller ones or remove them entirely if I choose.

It fits me just about perfectly...with just a little bit of room across the tummy. I think it will fit Dad PERFECTLY. I just have to finish this and Mom's by Mother's day...in one month.

Is it too early for a "BEAT THE CLOCK MONTAGE?"

(pictures to follow)


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I really love the color(s). I'm interested in the gusset idea. I've never put a gusset in a man's garment, only in a women's to help the shaping, but even then I usually do that with dart placement unless it's going to distort the pattern or throw it way off grain.

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Hey Bob! I'm so impressed that you can both knit AND sew. I got the knitting gene, but man, I cannot stand to sew. The sweater looks great - I too love the colors. Can't wait to see it finished.

Jonathan in DC

Think less, enjoy it more.

Think less, enjoy it more.

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I use gussets to add fullness under the arm for ease of movement when I have a shaped shoulder cap... of course, you can just knit in the shaping, but I never seem to know if I want more room or not until after I've basted the piece together... It's one of the joys of designing all your pieces...They're never really done until you say you couldn't possibly improve upon the garment...