Mexico City

Thanks to all of your responses I have my needles all ready to knit on my flight to Mexico next week. I'll be staying in Mexico City and would love to find a local yard store to see what they have in Mexico. Any Ideas?

I'll keep you posted about how I get through security and customs with my knitting. Thanks for all the great advice.


I've never had difficulty getting through security with knitting. I have learned to leave my copy of "Wireless Explosives for Dummies" at home though. It really makes the security people cranky.


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News will be appreciated
I have a few really long flights coming up and woud love to have some knitting along. But I know that loosing my needles...and my stiches if they refuse them, would cloud my normally sunny disposition. I live in Montreal and my last read of regulations here is that pointy things are still not permitted in the cabin. So please, do let us know if this works and what kind of needles are permitted.