Irish Diamond Shawl Progress Report #4

Almost finished off the 2nd ball. I love this pattern, but the monotony can slow progress. On the plus side, with the extra stitch markers I'm using are keeping my frustration level to a minimum. With a total of 28 marker so far on my needles, I'm able to head off most "design elements" I create. I'm also finding that when I do come across a mistake I'm not as frazzled going back to fix it.

Not much more I can say at the moment.

Just to geek this blog a bit...
Yarn used so far: Just shy of 2 balls
Stitch count (on needles): 426 sts
Stitch count (total): 22426

Until next time...



albert's picture

Good progress, but you forgot to give us a count of the open work holes.

boy412's picture

I did not know I needed to give out that piece of information. The current count if 1,820...