Bamboo DPN's = Ahhhhhhhhhh

I got a set of bamboo dpn's from eBay...yes, they are off brand, and yes, they probably aren't all that great....but, they have allowed me to finish about 80% of the first sock for my daughter!!!

I picked up a really basic easy sock pattern online and have been able to do k2p2 ribbing, knitting the heel, turning the heel, and have completed the gusset. All I have left is about 15 more rounds of straight knit on the foot and then I do my toe decreasing!

Truth be told, I'm pretty darn stoked!!! The only drawback is that the pattern is based on worsted weight yarn, so this sock is HEAVY. But, I promised my daughter a pair of "ice-skating" socks - that is, socks she could wear in our kitchen to "skate" on the Pergo flooring. On one hand, it will be said to see all that work buff the laminate, but on the other, I'm still jazzed that I've taken my first step into real sock knitting and can hardly wait to get this pair done and move onto lighter yarn and/or more intricate patterns.



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I bought a set of 5 Inch DP's from Ebay that had sizes from 0 to 10 (I think) for $15 incl shipping, they are'nt bad. Be wary of socks though, they can become highly addictive!



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I bought 8 inch dpn's in sizes 0 - 10.5 for about $20 with shipping. Again, they may not be Addi's, but they do the job pretty nicely!

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Update on the socks: I believe I'm ready for the toe decreases, but I thought I would have my daughter try the sock on first. Well, she saw 4 sticks pointing out of the toes and freaked out - not a good start. Then, as I tried to fit the cuff over her foot, I believe it might be too tight - not a good sign!!! At least my cubemate at work has a 2 year old - they might fit her better!!!

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Another update - my daughter asked to try the sock on - and it fits!!! So, I'm about 5-7 rows from starting the toe decreases!!! WOOT!

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Sock #1 has been completed. Man, Kitchener stitch (while very cool) is a royal PITA...I spent about 45 minutes tightening it up to look right. Here's to hoping that Sock #2 goes as well...glad I wrote down how many rows it took per component!!!

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Your daughter will be skating about in no time! Just hope she doesn't try any quadruple jumps.....

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Considering that I used cheap-o Red Heart Kids acrylic, she may acheive light-speed on the Pergo...

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I got an inexpensive set off of e-bay a few months ago and they've treated me really well too. Congrats on a good purchase! Enjoy!

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