I've lost that loving feeling, whoa, that loving feeling.

I am knitting myself a sweater and I only have 1.2 sleeves to go and the neck and yet somehow I am stuck in a rut. ...What do you do to get back on track after you seem to have lost interest in a project. How do I rekindle the romance, and lust that was there for thise sweater in the beginning?


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This happens with almost every sweater I make. By the time the top of the sleeve seems as wide as a bedspread, I find I hate the color of the yarn, the fabric makes me ill and I want to burn the entire project.

I just remind myself that finishing a sweater is very satisfying, and after 3-5 months hiding in my armoire, I will love the finished sweater and wear it as my favorite for years. Then I suck it up and finish the damn thing so I can start something I REALLY want to work on.

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Hee hee, you hit the nail on the head, Joe (or should I say needle?).

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I have yet to do a project that large, but when I lose interest in something I look to start something new, something quick is best for me. just work on something else till you feel the love for the "other" project. works for me!

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Mark your pattern to excess to you're sure to be able to remember where you were in it, and walk away! Do something small and fun, look at it again, see if you feel like working on it. You don't wanna make yourself hate your hobby!