Cable Scarf

I was stuck at home this weekend and finished my first cable scarf. The original pattern called for three cables but I expanded it to 5. I also added some ribbing to the top and bottom. The colors didn't come out great in the picture but they are gray and wine.

It was fun to knit - now I think everyone will be getting a scarf for Christmas.


albert's picture

Looks great. Did you add extra stitches to compensate for the pulling in of the cables?

MWK - Houston's picture

No extra stitches added it is the basic 6 stitch cable where you pull three in front on the fourth row and then pull over the other stitches.

MMario's picture

2 stitches between cables or one?

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ksmarguy's picture

I love this, love the 2 colors!

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Beautiful scarf!



Kerry's picture

Looks great. Well done.

MWK - Houston's picture

Two purl / two knit / two purl between the cables - Its a free download pattern from called Irish Hiking Scarf (with three cables not 5). I used wool of the Andes from knitpicks.