Question about (maybe) Mosaic Knitting (if that's what it is)

I am writing this question with regard to a sweater pattern in the new 'Guy Knits' book. I dont have the book with me at the moment so I hope I get this right, but it concerns the sweater in which 2 yarns are used although only one colour is knit for two rows and then the other colour is used for 2. It seems that you keep slipping stiches in the colour from the row below in order to create the colour pattern. I dont think they use the term in the book but it may be what is called mosaic knitting? Anyway, it is the sweater in which jagged spikey "Vs" of colour run through it, separated by black 'MC'. I am having trouble visualizing how it works though. I know I need to knit a swatch in order to 'see' how it works but in thinking about it it seems, in my imagination at least, that since the other colour is carried as a slip stitch up 2 rows before it is actually knitted on the 3rd row (do I have this right?) doesnt that mean you have all these huge 3 row long stretched stitches when you finally knit them in? And then you are slipping, in that row, the other colour for the next 2 rows. I realise that I am not explaining this very well, but it sounds really ugly to me with all these stretched stitches, but the picture is beautful and the stitches dont look inordinately long so what I am misunderstanding here?

I apologise for trying to ask this question without the book with me, and maybe I would have no question if I actually swatched it and tried it out, but have any of you done this technique and am I visualizing it incorrectly? I realise that many of you are knitting geniuses, so I am sure you can help me. You guys are my heroes. :-)


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Yup, mosaic knitting is a kind of slip stitch pattern - you use two (or more colors) but only knit a row with one color, the pattern comes from slipping stitches so that they extend across the other color(s) from the previous row, or into the next row. The old Harmony Guide (I believe it was #4) had about 30 pages of slip stitch and mosaic patterns.

This does sound like mosaic knitting (Barbara Walker's term?) to me. It really does work; you can knit a swatch of a different mosaic pattern to see how. Mosaic patterns are actually fun to do. It's no big deal to wait two rows to knit a stitch. Problems do arise if you have long 'floats' behind more than 5 stitches, but that's not what you're describing, and that type of problem typically occurs in Fair Isle type patterns.

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yeah, I am currently working on a scarf in a slip mosaic pattern and it is really easy and the result is beautiful. I was not sure at first until I actually did it, but once I did the first 6 rows it all fell into don't be scared and the stitches don't look stretched at all once it is going. Good Luck and can't wait to see your results!