Grade 3 Goal Setting, Knitting for Charity and some samples of my students' knitting. 8 year olds!

Well here we are. My class and I are knitomaniacs. Maybe that is why I can't seem to finish my own project. I am always working with my pupils. Well here is a photo of our "Knitting Wall of Fame". As you can see I am using knitting to teach goal setting, graphing, art, math, group work, peer lead activities etc. One boy is knitting mitts. One girl just learnt how to do "cables". We are soon contacting Unilever Canada to see if they will donate soap so that we can have something to wrap our dishclothes around. Let me tell you all have the patience to individually teach 18 children of various needs and fine moter skills abilities is most likely what separates me from those who would rather die than spend 8 hours a day in the classroom. Also there is a pair of slippers knit by a little girl who is a remarkable knitter, but yet to scared to blow bubbles in the pool during swimming lessons. Anyhow, if anyone out there has knit some stuff for our cause, please don't hesistate to contact us.
Knit on.

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What an exceptional teacher you must be. I only ever had two teachers who made learning fun and creative. More power to your elbow and I hope the children reach all their goals.

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I love the projects all lined up on the side counter - what a statement that is!

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Impressive! Especially, since looking at your classroom, it seems like you teach language arts in Ukrainian. Is that typical of Canadian schools? I don't think I've ever heard "eh" in Ukrainian! - Dan (currently sitting just across from Windsor).

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Ей! Yup, now you have at least read "eh" in Ukrainian. I teach Ukrainian language Arts and English too, we try to speak a minimum of 50% in Ukrainian, the teachers that is.

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That and the knitting are utterly fascinating. I would've killed to go to a school like that where I grew up. We didn't have ANY language options until high school, and even then it was only one (Spanish...the French program was discontinued the year I started high school). And we most certainly didn't have knitting! Uh! I'm jealous. LOL

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Wow! Why didn't I have a teacher like you when I was in school.