My Mom's Prarie Shawl

Well here it is blocked and finished. The model is of course not my mother but my friend Al. I gave the shawl to my mom on Sunday and she loved it. This was such a fun project and learned a bunch of new stuff doing it even though it's a pretty simple pattern. The pattern is from Folk Shawls.



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Always nice to be able to judge size of a shawl from the pictures; though usually the shots on a model don't display the pattern as well as a flat shot.

*grin* any problems getting the shawl OFF the model to give to your Mom? She looks pretty comfortable with it.

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I think I had to promise to make her one.

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That is a great shawl. It is on my list of things I would like to do.

That is wonderful! Did it take long time? I have the book and so many nice shawls in there.

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Thanks. It took me about a month maybe five weeks and that's kniting on the average a couple hours a day. Because it's bottom up the last six inches or so seem to take forever. It's a really relaxing project to work - it's simple yet elegant.