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I am wondering if any of you folks have used any of the various knitting software available. If so, what do you think of it? Here are some examples I am wondering about.

I always wonder if these things are worth it. There is also one called Sock Wizard as well, as I am sure there are many others. Are there some you would really recommend that I have not mentioned. What is good (and bad) about them. Thanks.


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The programs I use are: (tried them ALL, I think) for Hand-knitting
Sweater Wizard.... very good, very usable.
Sock Wizard 2.... good, usable . Version 2 is better than version 3 which has no schematics . Upgrade did not really do much, basically just added peasant heels.

Cochenille... very hard to learn, very difficult to read. Not , as I see it, for hand knitters...unless you can read their "stuff", and read it "their" way. Yardage given in a way that is more useful for weavers and other textile artists. I am a retired pattern maker for the garment industry....and I find this program too complex for gen. use.

"Knitware" by Great Knit Designs:.......DO NOT USE !
It is OK. But, they give no yardage requirements...they ONLY give amount of yarn needed in weight....SO, if you like knitting a whole ball of yarn and then put the sample on scales (who knows how many balls of yarn , etc)>>>>>then DO NOT USE.
I hope this helps...
I also use a lot of graphic programs for lace, Intarsia, and needle point...if, you would like that info....just ask !

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I've also wondered about these programs. Thanks for the review, Steve.

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I met Steve (hsfg) last weekend and my first thought when I saw your post was to ask Steve. But... seems he has already answered your question. I would definitely listen to what he has to say.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I have used knitwear and I find it interesting, but I have to agree with the above review, it is not the best of programs ,but It is something that if you come accross you can look at it. You can always buy the cheap version or see if there is a downloadable trial of any software. If I come accross one I will leave a link!

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Why not try a basic free (similar) version on and see how you like it. I've used this before and it's ok. It will offer you an opportunity to understand the basics and you can build up your own design skills from there

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I've downloaded Knit Visualizer 2.0 recently and used it for a couple of simple sitch patterns. I find it VERY easy to use and the documentation is really well done. Obviously written by and for knitters, but with some good programming and software design skills..

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Has anyone tried them out with LACE patterns? I haven't looked at any in the past couple of years - but when I was looking the ones that claimed to do lace didn't have that function in their demos.

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