Corn on a Cap

This is one of the Crochet WIP that I have. It is in Tapestry Crochet. I do have some nifty yarn that I want to knit other hats with, and I will be doing that in the next weeks or so. I am very excited as I am going to be starting a Cardigan and or a sweater soon.

Here is my latest Crochet Creation lol! Well thanks for stopping by and I hope to be starting my Knit hats and or sweaters soon! Still have those socks on the back burner as well!

A good place to go to get a start may be this website, please copy and paste on your browser!


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Looking good, love the color combination. Good to see you posting again.



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I love the way the tapestry crochet looks similar to basketweaving.
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I too love that look and the great color combo. Crochet is my first love but I don't know anything about tapestry crochet. Do you know any good resources?