Show us your Yarn Stash!

My livingroom Stash, will you share yours with us on a Video? It can be fun!


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Thanks for is so supportive to see other stashes! I also envy your ability with technology to share pictures and videos.......some of us are terribly handicapped techonolgy wise! Would love to post projects but haven't taken the initiative yet to figure out how to post pictures at this site!

Knit on.............and crochet!

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I agree with Rex, it is great to see other guy's stashes... and I love your hats too. Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

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LOL. That means I'd have to CLEAN my studio first... It would probably be a good idea so I could inventory my stash and seperate that which I'd like to sell. I have so effing much yarn, I don't even want to think about it... Still, I could prove to you all my addiction once and for all.