Spiral Counterpane Throw update...

Still knitting the spirals, but decided to start blocking. I bought a piece of rigid foam insulation and it seems to be working great. I'm now working on spiral number 23 out of a total of 35 needed.


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cool and groovy...can't wait to see the finished project!

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I have to add...My brain reads your title as "Spiral Counterpane Throw-up Date"....ewwwww.

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i had a throw-up date once :)

we put birds on things

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lol... the brain can play interesting tricks.. thanks for the compliment.

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The spirals are so cool blocked. Actually I've been looking for a good pattern for some linen coasters I've been thinking about doing and this is perfect.

The rigid foam is a great idea. Are they drying evenly on the back side?


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Gee, I hope they are drying evenly. Have no idea. This is my first blocking experience. What will happen if they don't dry evenly?

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I suppose they could warp a bit but I doubt it. I would just make sure they're dry on both sides before you pull them up. Next time maybe use something absorbent like a towel beneath the pieces, that should help them dry more evenly and quickly.

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Thanks for the hint. I'll be sure to let them dry thoroughly.

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I do all my blocking on rigid foam. My shawls dry perfectly on it. And I even put plastic sheeting (with blocking markings drawn on the sheeting) on top of the rigid foam and I still have no problems with drying. I usually leave the blocked shawls dry over a weekend.

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Thanks, that's good to know.

They look so perfect. And they look like gingerbread cookies on a cookie sheet. Tempting......

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They do look almost edible. I love this golden color. Unfortunately, before I realized it, I'd knitted 8 spirals from balls of a different dye lot, so instead of 35, I'll end up knitting 43! Luckily, I have enough yarn of the correct shade. Not too bright, huh...

I dunno, maybe strategically placing those 8 would add a nice element to it.

It is a wonderful color!

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I look forward to seeing the finished object, so far it looks great.

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I love that idea! One more distraction from work I shoud be doing. Can you tell us whewer you found the patten?

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and that will teach me to post a comment this early in the AM. I have GOT to learn to type. apologies.

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Sure! I pieced together the pattern from several sites. When I saw the pics on the first site, I knew that I had to try it myself: http://knityousucka.blogspot.com/2006/03/knitted-spiral-counterpane-blanket.html

I continued my search on the net and couldn't believe my luck when I found this site: http://knittingdivine.blogspot.com/2007/07/lacy-beret-free-pattern.html.

That covered the spirals, then just played around with squares and triangles until I got a result that closely resembles the pics on the first site. If you want those, I can write them up and post them here.