Malabrigo woes

I got some beautiful coloured malabrigo yarn (ON SALE!) to do a baseball shirt inspired zip raglan... in a lime and indigo. I was really excited until I saw a cardi that one of the instructors at Yarn Garden, one of Portland's FABULOUS (be envious, everyone...I want to you to) LYS (we have so many here). Anyhoo~ She's a wonderful knitter, and basically, it was a beautifully made sweater...but lordy lordy, did it wear for shite: It looked like it had been rubbed about on a dirty carpet for about a month, and the sweater wasn't that old.

I expected the soft spun single would pill, but that was DIRE. What is the experience of any of you?


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I avoid singles yarns whenever possible. They show off dyes beautifully but they really do look natty pretty quickly. How about something felted?
Folks on ravelry seem to love it and say it pills minimally
Might be best to use it for something that will be worn gently.


Yep same thing here. Did a cabled scarf that was soooo great to work with. Haven't seen it after it's first winter, but also did a pair of slipper socks that look HIDEOUS after one season of wearing and two careful hand washings. Not worth the expense no matter how lovely it is to work with.....

My very first project (other than a few learning how to do this swatches in a cheapo cotton yarn which will go unnamed) was a ribbed scarf in Malabrigo that I finshed about two weeks ago, which was wonderful to work with (much more than the acrylic blend I'm trying to make a hoodie for my daughter with now), and the finished product was beautiful, and my wife loves it. The yarn came highly recommended from my LYS. Given what's been said, I hope it holds up!

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Hey, thanks for sharing. I never even think about how a fiber will wear or age. Hmmm, something new to ask the LYS lady.