almost done on Dad's

I've switched out one of the gussets on dad's: the first ones I did were too large, but I've discovered that they make great holders for a set of doublepointed needles: The look like skate egg cases (skate, like a small manta ray, not like a "I got a brand new pair of roller skates, you got a brand new key....") So, I have one new gusset to make and sew in (about 1/2 hour to do).

All body pieces are sewn on, I've put on the cuffs (Encore Colorspun in Marine~blue-green-purple). I'm putting on the bottom ribbing today AND the collar ribbing as well, will foldback and stitch downt the zipper edge hem, and backstitch in the zip, wash and block, and call it done. HOORAY! Pictures to follow soon. It looks good, it feels fantastic, and I'm downright chuffed!


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At first, as you were showing it in pieces I didn't think I was going to like it. But now as I see it really coming together I love it. For some reason the jewel tones are really pushing out now where as before it seem pervasively blue/green. I want to see it with your dad in it.


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You and me both..I am going to send a very firm letter, saying that they are to WEAR THESE and not SAVE them for "best"... I will give a lifetime repair warrenty on them as well. I will be VERY UPSET if these are not their favorite, most worn sweaters....