Queen Anee's Lace Shawl

I made this shawl for my wife. She says black is the color. This is actually a true black while the picture looks more navy.

The pattern is by Mmario! It is wonderful and looks absolutely stunning (but then my wife looks stunning in anything!).



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What a beautiful job you've made of Mario's shawl. Stunning. What yarn did you use?

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Rick, Tom et al certainly make me look good! Incredible job!

a detail shot of Rick's shawl is linked.

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beautifully done. how long did that take? how large is it?

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Supremely gorgeous. I too am curious to know what yarn you used.


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Don't you just love the QAL pattern? It's a lot of fun to knit. Great job. I'm sure it looks wonderful in black. And I'm sure your wife loves it. I know my two sisters love theirs. Hats off to Mario for creating such a terrific pattern. Will we get to see a photo of your wife modeling?

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That is an amazing shawl. I want to make it for someone someday, I think

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This is simply fabulous, no wonder your wife loves it. Let's see a picture of her wearing it.

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Love it! The swirl is so elegant and the "drops" too. I think it's both vivid and symmetrical at the same time, a combination I really admire.


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That is just beautiful. Very elegant and sophisticated.



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Thanks too all for the kind words! And, thanks to Mmario for such a great (and easy pattern).

I used Zephyr 50/50 wool silk in black. I used it double stranded to add a little more bulk.

As for my wife modeling it, I will post one later - when I can get her to stand still long enough for a great photo op.


PS - I just looked at the post, I know the too in the title should have been to...just a dumb moment there.


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I am in awe. You must post a picture of your stunning wife with it on. I think Tiffany makes lovely platnum & diamond spider brooch that would look good with it. ;)

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So, the hammered nickel one she has isn't good enough huh? Believe me, you're not the first who thinks not :)