Irish Diamond Shawl Progress Report #5

Third ball almost finished and still a long way to go. Not too much to add to this update, other than the grand totals. K, k, k2tog, YO, blah blah, over and over.... Sometimes I am thankful for the minor errors to break up the monotony. The forensics of a dropped stitch in a lace pattern and to fix it so the error is not noticeable is quite a challenge. If something "exciting" happens from now til next I will let everyone know.

Pretty soon I will need to look into getting a new, longer set of needles. I'm quickly running out of room on the current set.

Yarn used so far: Almost 3 balls
Stitch count (on needles): 522 sts
Stitch count (total): 33898
Total # of lace pattern holes: 2912

Until next time...



scottly's picture

It's coming along beautifully, but I understand the tedium. The really hard part is that you still have to pay attention - it's not like you can watch a foriegn language film while working on this thing. There is, however, some kind of profound irony in being so bored in order to create something so exciting.


boy412's picture

And it is the excitement of the finish line that makes the boredom tolerable. I wish I had more time in the day to work on it more.

albert's picture

Soldier on- it's worth it.