Opinion, Please.....

I have a friend that is interested in joining this site. A fellow knitter, addicted to the tug of needle & yarn. After I joined and started to post, my friend has flipped back and forth on joining.

The quandary, my friend is a woman and does not want to "bully" her way in.

My question?

How does everyone feel about women joining?


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As long as she's a fag hag! LOL

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Or a lesbian. Just kidding. Who cares? We could all be masquerading as men anyway, it's the internet.

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^ phmmmph! I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read that comment._____________________________


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There are a number of women who have signed up - some are active, some are not. I figure women can promote and inspire knitting by men.

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I don't have a problem with it. Just so long as she knows that on this site it's all about us men!

Brent Troth  Clearwater, Florida

Brent Troth  Raleigh, NC

These gentlemen have been very kind to this lady. I don't post my own work, just learn (a lot) from them and try to show my appreciation of some fabulous knitting on this site.

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I wish you would post your work, I would love to see it!

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Huh. Having women join just seems odd. I mean the name of the site is Men Who Knit, and if you're not one I don't understand why you're joining. Personally, I wouldn't join a site for Cambodian Skindivers, because I'm American. I'm mostly puzzled by the desire some folks have to join groups they don't belong in.

Not that I really care, I suppose, except that the reason I joined this one and not all the others is that it's for men.

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I don't really have a problem with it. The more the merrier.

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Women joining Men Who Knit doesn't bother me, although I have some sympathy with Stan Sansbury's comment that the site is intended for male knitters.

Knitting is a predominantly female occupation male knitters could reasonably consider ourselves - at least unintentionally - 'discriminated' against in the sense that the majority of patterns and yarns are designed for women's clothing.

The attraction of the site for me is that it's (mostly) populated by other guys doing what in modern western society isn't regarded as a 'masculine' pastime. It's a good way of providing a network of people who have a similar interest.

Women joining isn't a problem, although I wonder whether the site would lose its USP if the active membership were not predominantly male orientated.

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feeling unfairly excluded from things has always been painful to me. due to the golden rule, it's not something i want anyone else to feel. there's a blog called fabulosity (i think) and i don't want to have a debate about whether i'm fabuous enough to check it out. for the life of me, i can't figure out a way that having women on this site can be construed as any kind of threat to what i get from it. and in fact, i usually find humans as a value added. animals too, but they tend to not web surf so much :)

we put birds on things

I reckon I'd feel excluded if there was a website for knitters that said 'women only'. After all, I knit too...but then, this website does not say 'men only'. It says 'men who knit'. And a world without women, looked at from any aspect is pretty dull or dire to my mind. Let her join, let her see we are fun to get to know...

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Well put, I think the women we do have here on MWK have only enriched this site (Budur, Knitmaniac). Now if we're overrun and suddenly getting posts like "who's up for a cardi/cami knitalong?" someone will have to draw the line.


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In the past I've asked women friends how they feel about women wanting to join a site called Men Who Knit and they seem somewhat mystified that women would want to join such a site. I must say I do too. That doesn't stop me from treating women here just as courteously as I do the men.

I am also in Ravelry (Kerry1) where I meet up with women friends and men friends.

She will not have to "bully" her way in. We would welcome her like anyone else. Lurk if you want to lurk, contribute if you want to contribute. BuduR was our token Estrogen American, and she may still be lurking for all we know. I think your friend would find it a rewarding group to be a part of. I say encourage her to check-it-out. If she finds the group too misogynist, she never has to click on this particular URL ever again. Those of us who may not care for her contributions, don't have to read 'em! I know any number of women who have said they'd rather "hang out with the guys" than with a bunch of women, my dear wife of 20+ years being one of them!


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Women are people too!



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Two Questions: How many men on this site were taught to knit by a woman? Should we not extend to them the same courtesy?

I would agree with tortielover...and asbjorn too.