Felted Bowls

I knitted/felted two bowls that were sent to the fundraiser/ silent auction event for Miriam's Kitchen. Both bowls are made from 100%, handpainted wool. The blue vessel was handfelted entirely. The red vessel was put in a front load washer to start the felting process, and then handfelted for the finishing, before molded into the bowl shape.

I have enjoyed the process so much, that I have continued to make felted vessels, some of which are being placed in a local gallery, and others being saved for future shows. Our local fiber guild has a large, month long show in a leading gallery here in November, so bowls will be created for that show, too.



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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I love the colors you chose, they are very bright and happy! Front loaders are very peculiar Machines, but they get you started onyour felting lol!

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Thanks . . . I'm having a fun time doing the bowls . .