$*#(% The Argyles

Ok. This is something new for me. I've worked on the argyle socks a few times and ripped it out like 5 or 6 times because I didn't like how the left slants looked. So I'm gonna ditch them for a while. I've never ditched a project because I couldn't figure it out before.

I picked up some cool yarn and I'm going to make (guess what) another pair of socks. I think I'm going to call these my mindless socks. No pattern, nothing to think of, just simple socks. The yarn's very cool. It's by Lorna's Laces (jeez, when are these companies gonna realize that we guys -or at least this guy- hates asking for Lorna's Laces by name) and the color is camouflage. The words "Laces" and "Camouflage" is rather odd on the same label. Made my chuckle a bit.

Anyway, I started the sock up at the Village Sheep and did a bit more today at the knitting group up at Enchanting Yarns and Things. They knit up well and actually look like camouflage. I'll post some pics once I get the cable from my camera to my computer to work.

Nutmeg knitters...if you haven't been to the Daffodil preserve in Litchfield, the time to go is NOW. It's spectacular.


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Before you abandon the argyles . . . try swatching a complete repeat of the argyle pattern and block it. I don't normally block my socks, but I think it might be very helpful with argyles. I'm always amazed how things like left-slants and such seem to know what to do in the blocking process. It's worth a shot if you're really interested in having a pair of argyles.

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Hi James
Thanks for the argyle sock advice. It's a good idea. Blocking does do wonders.


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Camouflage??? I must go get some of this.... If you only knew my daughter, you would understand why I need to knit her lace socks out of camouflage. It's just who she is. Maybe enough for a knitted kerchief too??? hmm the mind boggles at the thought.

But I think the mindless socks are a good idea to let you regain your strength for tackling those argyles. I've never tried argyles... I must put them on the list of socks to try.

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