New Granddaughter

Here is my week old granddaughter "Charlie" on the organic cotton blanket I knitted.
It is Blue Skye organic cotton...ten skeins...machine washed and dried. (it shrank six inches) about 36 inches square...perfect...


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Charlie is adorable! I hope she lives near you so you can spoil her regularly. I am sure that she will treasure this blanket for her entire life, unless she carries it everywhere and wears it out!


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Ok now that is my favorite pic I've seen in ages ... congratulations on the granddaughter and the beautiful blanket!

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Congratulations Bill on the new addition to your family, she is a little cutie and the blanket looks great as well.

Have been knitting for years. I knit continually then will try another craft, but will return to the needles.

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She looks like she's sleeping on a cloud! congrats on the adorable grandbaby and I know she'll cherish that blanket forever.

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How sweet. You must be so proud, they're both beautiful (although Charlie wins).


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I've gotta remmeber to scan in some pix of my great nieces. Charlie looks beautiful; a natural model!
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Thank you all for your kind comments....we are all delighted to have a baby girl in the family. grandson just turned three...and he has no idea what "cousin" means....LOL

Charlie is beautiful, as is her blanket. When she gets a little older you might want to read her the picture book "Something from nothing" about a boy who gets a blanket from his grandpa.

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Thank you for the lovely idea! I don't know the book...but I just ordered it...and will read it to my grandson...and hopefully to my granddaughter, someday...

A beautiful blanket, an even more beautiful baby and lucky girl to have a 'knitting grandpa'.

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Stunning photograph, congrats on a new granddaughter

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Congratulations! What an absolutely beautiful picture! (However, maybe you should post a separate picture of the blanket, so I can see and admire it properly - now I can't keep my eyes from that adorable baby.)

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Congratulations! Both are absolutely gorgeous.



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She is a beautiful gift and the blanket is a loving treasure for you both. You can look back and remember the love in creating it and she can look back and know how much love was put into it just for her. Congratulations to all and welcome to this wonderful life Charlie.
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Now how sweet is that? Both baby and blanket are adorable.

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She is a doll!! And so lucky to have such a comfy blanket to nap on.

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How very precious! The blanket is beautiful, and Charlie is absolutely adorable. Congratulations!

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Grats Bill! she's gorgeous!

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Charlie is going to provide you with years of knitting pleasure. There is nothing more fun then knitting for a little girl - I perosnally love making hats for them. The blanket looks lush. I just started a project with Blue Sky cotton and I really like working with it.