Corn on a Cap Finished

This cap or hat is made with Kollage Cornucopia Corn Yarn. It is made in single crochet in the "Tapestry Crochet" Style. Tapestry Crochet is somewhat alike Color Stranding Knitting. It has three relief single crochet horizontal lines in brown, and the reversible single crochet edge for the termination of the cap in Blue. It is very springy and I will be showing some of my caps later on when I do my Spring Hat Show and Tell Video later in the spring.

Just one touch of lusciously soft "Cornucopia," & you may find it hard to believe that it's sensationally crafted in the USA of 100% corn! With a woven tape construction, I find it hard to Crochet, but not impossible. I believe it will be easier for a knit garment at 5 mm gauge. It was harder to do single Tapestry Crochet points than to work on Double and trebble crochet. Also the reversed Single Crochet bordaer was easy to work. I you are looking for something exotic that it is eco-friendly, "Cornucopia" from Kollage Yarns gives you both. I may add that it is machine washable & dryable, great for summer as a cotton alternative or all year long.

I hope that you enjoy the developing story of this hat , it was born out of frustration and through one of the most trying times of my life. May the next hats bring more sex and fun lol! Thanks for stopping by!

The pattern is made as I go, no real pattern, but using the fact that it is to end with 120 stitches or a gauge of 5.5 stitches per inch more or less.


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Beautiful! I haven't crocheted forever... This could bring me back to it. Where's you get the pattern?

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Controversial people are special people and I am a special person. I love the hat. I have been trying to do as you suggest and do one by trial and error. I'm still working on the shaping. Itried doing treble crochet but the shaping is diffificult. Anybody know of a good reference for top-down hat shaping techniques?

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What I always did was start with a chain of 3~ joining it into a loop, and then knitting around and around in a circles, crocheting twice into every third or 4th stitch, as needed to make it lay flat,(this varies on gauge of yarn, I find) until it was about 4 inches across...then Iwould figure out increase points at 8 equidistant points on the circle and crochet twice into those stitches (I think this was done in double crochet?) to form a "cup shape" trying it on as I went... when it reached "big yarmulke" size, I crocheted evenly to form the sides, at some point, if I wanted a flip brim, I'd crochet into the outside leg of a stitch in single for a round, and then, (adding a stitch or two depending on stretchiness and gauge of yarn) double crochet up until I was happy with the height of the "flip". More art than science I'm afraid~ but that's just me...

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Great hat, the color combination is beautiful.



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Really beautiful hat...I wonder if the yarn was created from the cellulose fibers of the stem, like rayon? Love the colour combination.

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most of the corn yarns I believe are made from converted cornstarch. But I'm not positive.

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Those caps are so cool. I've got to try one.