Tree of Life Afghan #4- On the border...

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So, I'm down to about the last 30 rows of the afghan (pix coming soon!) and pondering the border. Never one to do things the easy way, I have this idea of a garter stitched border... Anyone ever seen a way to pick up and join to the edge in one step? I'm thinking the technique would be like short-rowing on stockings, but I've never seen it... (you'll notice this time I'm asking for help BEFORE I get there... I'm learning!)

And of course, 10 days into the project, the new Mary Maxim catalog comes out with a pattern for what I originally wanted- an afghan with one big tree in the center. Argh! (it'll be here Monday.)


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If you are thinking of a knitted on border, they are quite easy. When you have gone as far as you want you simply cast on some stitches on the needle where the working yarn is. I would suggest something around seven. With a short dp knit the first six stitches and join the seventh to the afghan (k 2 tog, sl 1, k1, psso, k2tog TBL). Always use the same one. Knit the seven stitches you have on the short needle and repeat the process. When you get to a corner stitch, k6, turn and work back, knit 5, turn and work back, knit 4, turn and work back, knit 5, turn and work back, knit 6 turn and work back and then knit 6 and join it to the corner stitch.

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That's it! I knew it had to be doable. Thank you.
Love you guys!