First post in ages!

Hey guys, been a long long time since my last post and though I would say a quick hello to all my fellow knitting enthusiasts.

Ive been popping in and out the the web site and catching up on all your fantastic creations. The one I keep looking at over and over is the queen ann lace shawl, Im dertermine to get it right. After a few first botched attempts I'm finally well on my way.

This project is more of a practice run for me as this will be my first lace project. For the final version I plan to use a really soft yarn, maybe a cashmere?? But for the practice run im just using up some odds and ends of yarn I have left over, then if all works well I will go out and spend a lot of money.

Not really much to see at the mo, but will post some pix when I get more done.

Special thanks to you MMario. Couldn't have done it without you :0)


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I was going to suggest KnitPicks new 'gloss' in laceweight - until I checked your location.

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