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I started in on finishing Mom's sweater last night: All that's left to knit is the sleeves. The only thing: I started knitting it on 8's...which looks fine BUT... I had a LOT of yarn left over from my prepared strands, far more than I remember... I compared the 1/3 sleeve to the back I've already knit up...and I realized that I knit her sweater on 9's... the squares on the back are about a quarter inch larger. Although the smaller sleeve squares are way cute, I think I'll frog it and reknit...or maybe I'll work the swatch into a hat...I seem to be doing that a lot these days....LOL. yes.. a hat...I love hats... One can never have too many hats pre-knit. You never know if you'll need one for a gift. Or who knows..smaller squares on the sleeve might make her arms look more delicate? (not that she needs that...) Decisions decisions.

I need to attach a little tag to WIP's listing what needle size I was working on...FYI: Dad's WAS knit on 8's, don't ask me why, but I wanted a firmer fabric for his...


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog It looks great as well. Swatches into hats is not a bad idea at all. It is sad, but when you are serious about gauge youhave to make a swatch. I figure that I can probably make two swatches and have a hat lol! Your work is very inspiring! We have to meet for Coffee whenyou come down to the City some day!

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No, actually, I won't do a swatch again, as I've already done both fronts and back...I just forgot that I did it on 9's instead of 8's. I've decided that the sleeves look cute with the smaller squares, and since the gauge isn't that far off... I measured and it's 4.75 vs 4.5, and I am knitting the sleeves to fit (mind you, I'm making the pattern up as I go)...the slighter stiffness of the material of the sleeves shouldn't be much of a problem. It'll be a learning experiment...

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