Free Meathead Hat Pattern

Melanie Falick's "Meathead" hat pattern is available as a free download throughout the next week (?) here if anyone is interested. After that, it will only be available through her new book.
It's a really adorable hat with an unfortunate name. Here is the Ravelry link to see some images of what people are doing with the pattern

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I copied out the pattern. Thanks for thinking of us. It is so cute and I love the one with the pocket for the crayons. I think I will put a row of buttons up the decrease line. Are you going to make one??

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This hat is silly-fun. I'm going to knit it later this year, I think. Thanks for the pattern link.

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It is a fun looking pattern and I was anxiously awaiting getting my hands on a copy. I didn't really want the book (it would have been a low priority on my knitting book list), but now I have what I wanted. The variations people have made while knitting this hat are pretty damned creative. I will make one but it will fall a little low on my priority list as I don't have a stash to speak of (I buy yarn after I've decided on a pattern), and when I get some yarn money it goes to the things that were more "prioritized" so to speak. I just finished a project, I'm half way through another, I still want to try Tim's sock recipe and I think my next is going to be an afghan soooo... looks like I'm tied up for awhile. Although I am a fickle person so even I really don't know what is next on my needles.


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Thanks for the pattern site. I love a good silly hat so this will be on my needles before next winter!

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I just finished the knitting on my first meathead hat, just need to sew up the seam. I'm already planning at least three more. A fun quick knit with wonderfully silly results!