sweater with hood

My latest work done - nice warm sweater with hood  also a drops - design 85-1

click here for english drops site

 click here for the NORDIC drops - design site

Love and care Palle 

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Very nice & cozy. Well done Herbie.

I could do with a sweater like that in New York at the moment. 

Knit away, knit away

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Thanks Martin and good valenine day to all Palle


Really nice work.  Looks warm.  What wool have you used as it looks nice and thick.  This is just what I'm looking for for my next project.

I haven't heard, and neither can I find, Drops patterns in the UK.  Are they a Danish publication?

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They're Norwegian, and they've got a fair number of free patterns available online here. I haven't looked at all of them, but they do have some decent men's designs.

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What a nice sweater. I must order Drops #85 that erverybody seems to have!

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I like this sweater a lot!  It looks warm and comfortable!  And it fits you well without being bulky!  Great job on this one!! Cool


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Terrific looking sweater.  Perfect time of year to be wearing it.  Look forward to seeing more.  You are one prolific knitter.  Thanks for showing this.

I really like the 85-1 pattern on the Drops website, though I'm curious about your yarn choice.  I believe yarn (color and texture) is critical to the success, or failure, of a project, so I'm hesitant to stray too far from what the designer used or recommends.  If I do stray, it's not without some trepidation.  Your bold choice of a variegated yarn for this sweater tells me you don't have this problem.


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No you cant be sure to knit the same tightness as in the pattern, so I always make a knitting example to start whit and from that i calculate how many more or less stichtes i need to get the size I want for my Sweater  - I almost use the needle recomented on the yarn and make more or less stichtes indstead LOVE Palle