The socks are finished!!!

Well, I finished the second sock over 3 days - but I don't have lots of knitting time, so that worked out pretty well.

They were knit from Red Heart Kids "Bikini" on size 6 dpns.

Now that I have conquered this pair with minimal pain, I feel like I can attack "real" socks!!!

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Looks great! Your daughter looks very happy to be able to wear them. Good job.


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Pretty socks, do they skate well?



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Yes, she was very happy to skate in them...100% acrylic + Pergo = fast "skating"

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Yeah! The look good!
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Great looking socks!.

I've used that Bikini yarn (for a crocheted throw) - Fun for kids, but I needed sunglasses when making it, to keep down the glare! :-P

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Pretty little socks for a pretty little girl.

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Thanks! Luckily, she gets her looks from her mother, not me!