Happy Passover

I went to my partner's sister's house this weekend for Passover - (his family is Jewish - I'm just a curious observer at this point) - and I made his brother in law this yarmulke - it wasn't hard once I was able to figure out how to do the short rows... not that short rows are hard; but the pattern was written wrong so I was trying to make it following a pattern, but the pattern had bad info... moral of the story: check for errata on book websites before starting a new project...

that said, it's a quick knit and I like the way it turned out...


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That's great. I think yarmulke's are PERFECT knitting projects. It looks great!! I've seen a couple others on this site. Good job!


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That looks really good: You don't normally see knit ones, just lots and lots of crocheted...

I'm assuming it was done short row garter stitch?

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I agree, it looks great and a perfect knitting project. I've been knitting skullcaps using short rows. Many devout muslims wear them here. I've made mine a bit longer so that they cover the top of my ears so that I don't look too religious...

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Somewhere out there on the web there is a pattern for a knit, mobieus yarmulke.
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Your kipah looks really great. A few months ago I posted a pattern for a felted one knit flat in garter stitch with a mosaic knit border, using short rows exclusively for the shaping. I'd really appreciate it if you could post how to find the pattern for yours. From the photo, I'm not exactly certain how you knit it: it looks like it's knit in the round and the short rows are close to the brim, converting a square into a sort of octogon. It would be nice to know whether it sits on the head fairly snugly, or does it require a "kipah-clip".

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The pattern is from "Greetings from Knit Cafe" - and I think it was designed by Jenny White - there are a few errata in the pattern but once you get through that, it's easy!

you're all right; it's garter stitch, in the round - I can say, that you cast on 100 stitches on 16" size 2 circ needles, , join and knit 6 rounds garter (one row k, one row p) - then, you switch to bigger (16" size 3 circ needles) and knit one row - then the short rows - there's 4 sections all the same - if I'm remembering correct, it's k23, wrap and turn, p21, wrap and turn, k19, wrap and turn, p17, wrap and turn, k17, pickup wrap and knit with stitch, k1, pickup second wrap and knit with stitch, k1 (total of 4 stitches knit after the k17, then you repeat that 4x - that gets you to the end of the short rows - after that, I don't remember - but it involves moving the "center" point like 15 stitches off or something, and adding 4 markers - and you do some sort of central decrease 4x - - the mistakes were made in the part I remember, so if you get the book and check it against what I wrote (assuming I'm not being dumb somehow in the recollection of the pattern) then you'll be fine -

for my bald head, it fits wonderfully - nice and snug - but after dinner we went on a nice walk in the windy palm springs area, and it flew off of my brother in law's head - so I'd say that if you have hair, it probably could use a clip of some sort to hold it on... if you're lucky like me and have no hair, then it fits great! -

I'm knitting another one now using KPM - I like the pattern - it takes an evening and looks awesome...

buy the book if you want to make these - for those who wear them regularly, the small investment of the book is highly worth it! :)