New Sweater

Just finishing the back of my latest sweater.  I've completed one arm as well.  Should be wearing a nice thick sweater just in time for a warm spring day...

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I like the slanted line pattern; it doesn't overwhelm the jersey like more cable rows might.  And about the colours: gray or green?  So, only the upper half has the pattern while the lower half is plain stocking stitch?  Very nice!

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It's actually a dark chocolate colour flecked with orange and oatmeal.  It's Rowan Aran Tweed and it's great to knit with as all Rowan yarns are.  It's a guernsey-style pattern so the first few inches are in plain stocking stitch.

Cheers,  Simon

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The yarn and the pattern go together so well.  I'm sure mother nature will provide the perfect frigid spring day for you to wear it!  It's fun to see works in progress--thanks for sharing.   

That looks terrific.

We are so lucky to have so many taleneted knitters on this site.

Did you buy the wool at Liberty's? 

Knit away, knit away

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Thanks Martin.  Yep, Liberty's it was!  Looking forward to Afternoon Tea.


Great design! I wonder -- did you use an existing pattern? Or work up your own design? The final sweater will certainly have its own unique style and air about it.

Have fun, 

Thank you Randal.  The pattern is from Rowan's 'A Yorkshire Fable' and knitted in their Aran Tweed Mixture but I will be altering the neck as I am fast becoming a member of the 'No-neck Club' and, as this pattern has a roll-neck collar,  I think I will create a neck opening ( with a few wooden buttons) and have a short stand up collar instead.

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It is great looking.  It will make a very handsome sweater.  Those motifs for guernseys are wonderful and provide so much stimulation for the creative process.  Last winter I finished a sweater that I thought I would not be able to wear in Philadelphia until this year, but lo and behold, March 2005 brought some very chilly, damp days.  Thus I was able to wear it.  You might find that happening also.