Traveler Update

Well I took all of your sage advise and traveling was a breeze. I brought plastic needles, no scizzors. I had it in my briefcase and no one even looked. Not at the airport in Houston, Mexico City, or Queretaro - security or customs.
Thanks for all the great advice.

I overcame my fear and knit on the plane and no one beat me up. There was an elderly man next to me and he just stared and didn't say anything. I'm looking forward to more travels and working on projects - it certainly passed the time.

I went to the concierge in the hotel in Mexico City and asked them to find me a yarn shop. I figured there would be some really great wools locally or from Uruguay that would be cheap. They actually found me a store a 10 minute walk from the hotel.

Unfortunately they didn't have any local wools. Imagine my horror when I found they had Lion Brand Acrylic! Oh no. But they did have some other nice wools so I did buy some - the prices were pretty good. I hear you guys talking about Noro - they had 50 gram balls for about $10. Is that a good price? If so I will pick up some on my next trip.

Thanks again for all the advice. Now I'm a knitter on the go!


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Controversial people are special people and I am a special person.
My latest project is on Addi Turbo circulars and I will not share those pricey babies with a TSA agent. I will pack it in my suitcase and check my bag (ugh). I do have a crappy Bates lucite circular which I will take on the plane and practice knitiing short rows and wraps as I want to start a pair of socks.

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That's excellent'll be nice to have other male knitting travelers when I gad about.

As for Noro, it varies based on the yarn content...US$10 for 50 grams is about what their staple brand of wool (Kureyon) goes for here in the states, although you can often get it on sale for US$8.50.

Noro's Silk Garden (wool/kid mohair/silk blend) retails for about US$11, but you can also get that on closeout for US$9 or under.

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My lady freind knitters tell me they never have any problem with any of their knitting stuff but of course they never attempt to take scizzors on the plane. Last time I flew I took my bamboo dpns and knit the entire four hour flight - it was great. The time really flew (God, I hate puns like that). My freinds have taken all kinds of needles and had no problem.

I have never been able to find locally spun yarn on any of my trips. I frequently go out to the Southwest and use to think I might find some really cool local yarns but I usually just find the same imports that I find at the LYS. One yarn store lady in AZ said she tried to carry stuff from local spinners but that it wasn't "special" enough for her customers so she discontued it.