Posting a comment

When I have read a person's blog, I have often wanted to post a comment. I write in the comment box and then hit post comment, but it never shows up. What am I doing wrong, do I need a special code or password ? I end up sending a private message to whoever it is I want to make a comment on.


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Are you filling out the little addition problem at the bottom? (look below the posting box. You usually need to do that the first post of any session.

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Thanks... I never paid any attention to that. That's the problem.

I have the same glitch. My way around it: fill in the "Captcha" addition question at the bottom, hit "post comment". You'll get an error message saying "Comment field is required". At this point, you CAN fill in the comment field. Just hit "post comment" and it will be sent. Good luck. I hope it works for you, too. -- Dan