Irish Diamond Shawl Progress Report #6

Here I am again with another update. Finished with ball #4 with 6 more left, but I'm thinking it will take about 8 1/2 balls to complete.

After finishing the first lace pattern I got a bit forgetful and failed to count my stitched like I should, I attempted to fix a flub 3 rows back. I actually made 2 mistakes in the same area in two different rows and after trying to erase the mistake in the small area I made it worst and ended up ripping five rows. The funny thing about this last fiasco, I never felt too upset nor frustrated.

Before I ripped the rows, I attempted to retro fit a life line. It was a great experiment and a greater failure. Some how line did not hold the stitches. It took over an hour to add the life"less" line and another 2 hours to reattach the needle onto the shawl.

Live and learn and I'm learning allot from this project. It is nap time so all I need to do is include the stitch count.

Yarn used so far: just over 4 balls
Stitch count (on needles): 610 sts
Stitch count (total): 45216
Total # of lace pattern holes: 4664

Until next time...



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y'know, if you were *really* giving us the scoop you'd include number of stitches currently in the shawl; number of stitches KNIT; and number of stitches RIPPED.....


Really coming along!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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You fiend!

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Initially I always freak when I have a knitting fiasco on a big project but I have discovered that with a cool head and a lot of patience any and all mistakes can be erased. I learned my lesson on using lifelines when my dog was sitting on my lap while I was working on a shawl and saw something on TV he wanted and lept from my lap somehow taking the piece with him. I was well into the shawl and wasn't about to frog the whole thing. Several hours later all was well again but I sweat bullet for awhile. Now I put in a life line every 20 rows or so.

But it's looking great so keep up the good work.


Its looking great. Cant wait to see it finished. Loving tht colour and the pattern.
Im working on my own first lace shawl and can appreciate the frustration when mistakes are made. Took me ages to figure out where I went wrong and knit back and correct it.

Keep going :0)


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It's looking amazing! I'll bet you're happy to be into the second lace pattern.