Sock Wars...

Don't know if someone had posted this already - a friend from work just found out that I knit and sent me this little blurb.

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I don't remember seeing that posting nor that WSJ article. That's great! Thanks for posting it.


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I remember hearing a little about some of the press Sock Wars got, but I don't recall ever seeing any of the articles. I participated in the first iteration of Sock Wars, but my assassin decided to "kill" me with a pair of socks that were badly off gauge and in very garish colors. I referred to them as "the clown socks". Since half the aim of the contest was to knit someone a nice pair of socks, taking their foot size and tastes into consideration (as most of the participants seemed to do), I admit to feeling just a little cheated, which contributed to my deciding not to participate the next time around (I also didn't really have the time). I did use the socks as slipper socks, putting them on over socks that actually fit so they wouldn't fall off my feet, but I didn't feel badly about throwing them away when they wore through a few months later.

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