Well what a find ! just when I was feeling decidedly odd having picked up some knitting needles I found this site !

I have been breeding Angora rabbits for about 30 years but usually give away my fibre or .. throw it away .. I hear you shrieking.. Well I decided I would finally do something with it so I found my local guild on the internet and went on a course to learn to spin! I bought an Ashford spinning wheel on Ebay for 70 quid and wahoo I now have some yarn ! Well what to do with it? I wanted something cheap and easy so Knitting seemed the obvious choice. The image of course of a man knitting was abhorrent to me.. and my friends LOL but what the F*** !!!! I did it anyway .. . Attached is a pic of my first yarn made from Angora/Alpaca/Moorit Sheep... I wanted something butch and masculine so dark brown seemed apt.. I am making a scarf in a ribbed pattern.. I have never knitted before and learned from the videos on I have learned mostly from you tube videos and the internet so just shows what can be done eh.. anyhow photos of project one attached I hope.. and I will keep you informed on my progress.. I have big plans but little knowledge an know how just yet LOL ..

The Donsk


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Very, very cool!

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Nice job!, and welcome to MWK.

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The yarn looks great! Love the colour it turned out.
Any specifics you're willing to give us on the Angoras?

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Welcome, Donski!

Anyone who can use "decidely odd" and "butch and masculine" in the same blog entry will probably feel very welcome here! The yarn and the scarf are wonderful!

Jonathan in DC

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The scarf is beautiful. Welcome to the group.



DUDE!!!!! i was just looking into getting an angora wibbit. had two wibbits as a child (bunny and clyde). they were flop-eared though. what is it like caring for angora bunnies?