Newbie Knits

As means of introduction, I thought I'd discuss the knitting projects that're about to be cast onto this knitter of two weeks' needles.

First off, there's a nice simple little pouch that I knitted up quickly. I managed to quite mess up the button hole (I attempted a two-stitch eyelet), however, and also managed to make the decreases much gentler than the pattern's picture shows (although I think it looks nice) until the button hole, at which point it sharply decreases into a beak (which doesn't look so nice), so I plan to unravel it up to the button hole and then just add a button loop.

I tried making button loop today for practice, and it came out quite nicely. The yarn needle is fun to play with- it was rather remarkable to see the purse's flat knitting suddenly turn into an actual 3D object when I sewed up the sides with it yesterday.

Next up is a nice, simple, spiral hat knitted on single-pointed needles in orange and black. I think I'll change colors every 4 rows or so instead of the 2 recommended by the pattern, and it'd also probably look nice with a black band at the bottom, but I'm not sure if I'll be that ambitious.

In addition, after I get used to knitting in the round with double pointed needles, I plan on starting a pair of tube socks in grey with two or so black stripes at the top. They ought to be quite nice, although I'm not certain I like the ribbing, and I could only find size 3 dp needles, which might make it a tad painstaking.

Finally, I'm planning my knitbag and needleholder, which, while I probably won't start on either for a while, are rather exciting. I think that the holder will include a nice pocket with some elastic for my markers and some way to hold the yarn needles as well, although I have no idea how to keep then in place yet- maybe some tight elastic or such. For the knitbag, I think it'll be mostly an empty compartment with some pouches for stowing away various supplies and some pockets for yarn, such that I can pull the yarn through a hole in the pocket, which ought to make for quite portable knitting.

Happy knitting!


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Good luck on your projects!  That pouch is cute and you could do lots of variations on that theme.

How are you liking those size 3's?  I'm at odds with small needles... I think working with needles that small scores high points for geek factor, but the instant gratification side of me really like working with those #10 circulars.

Thanks! I just finished the pouch so I'll probably post some pictures of it and the beginnings of my hat soon.

They're not too bad, but I definitely like my #9s better. With needles at about size 17, it seems (personally) that you kinda have to catch the yarn with your thumb as you pull it through after wrapping it around the needle. With size 9s, the needle does a great job catching it itself. But with size 3s, it had a tendency to fall off and you /can't/ catch it with your thumb- I find myself pulling the yarn especially tight so that it gets into a position from which I can pull the needle through.

Other than that, though, my problems have just been with circular knitting. I figured out (I think) that if one just starts knitting from the wrong end of the needle, you can change it from stockinette stitch to reverse stockinette! It gets a bit confusing like that, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I'll probably still pick up some bigger needles when I can so that the knitting'll go faster.