Angora rabbits

Well thanks for your comments guys, I can see that this site is going to be incredibly useful and supportive over the coming months. Just a word then on the Angoras. Angoras are very easy to keep and produce vast amounts of very fine fibre. The fibre is hollow so very warm and very soft. One Angora can produce between 1 - 2 Kg a year usually being clipped about 4 times over the year. Thats a lot of fibre. Keep more than one animal and you need never buy fibre again.

If you guys are not spinning you really are missing the point, it is great fun, really relaxing and you can try all colours and textures. How satisfying to not only grow your own fibre (humanely) then spin it and finally make it into something. At the moment the making it into something is alluding me LOL But I am pretty pleased with my scarf, see previous blog post . Feel free to ask anything about the Angoras or check my website and of course google away for hours :)
Thanks for the very warm welcome


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Donski, you've inspired me. It is now a goal of mine to keep angora rabbits and produce my own fibER ;)

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Look at the shaved bunny. Wow. These guys do produce a lot of fur. Lovely color too.

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nice website, lots of good info. I had rabbits as a kid, I should have gone with the angoras! that would be very cool to have my own fiber factory in my back yard! thanks for sharing all this.

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okay - obviously you clip rather then pluck....either that or you plucked VERY aggressively. Are your show bunnies all the same colour or do you have several colours?

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glad to be an inspiration :) you guy's are truly inspirational with your creative work hopefully I will be able to make something cool one day :)