Lizard Ridge (almost done)

Managed to complete and join all the squares for the lizard ridge afghan, and I'm happy with it. Only trouble is that I need to learn to crochet to finish the edges


I love this afghan. Give us the details - yarn, needle size, etc. Well done, it looks fabulous.

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The yarn is Noro Kureyon and was knitted on number 8/5mm knitting needles. The pattern can be found at
I can't take any credit for the colours of the yarn, as that's the way Noro makes it. As far as how long it's taken, well it's been a long time. I think I was clean shave when I started this, LOL. Seriously though, it's taken about six months of on/off knitting. Thanks for all the comments

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i really love the colors and pattern. well done. how heavy is it?

we put birds on things

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I love the colours, how long did it take?

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What a great afghan/throw/blanket. It looks lovely and cozy on the bed. Wonderful colours and you did a fantastic job.

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Wow. What beautiful colors.

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Very, very nice. Consider knitting the edge border. You can find many patterns free on the net.

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It's gorgeous, Stef. Well done.

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Really taken with this so had a look at the pattern..thanks for the link, maybe my next project with some home spun...

OK I gave it a try with some scrap yarn and managed ok I think apart from this bit:
Working Wraps Together with Wrapped Stitches:
Work the "wraps" at the turning points of the short rows, together with the stitches they wrap, as
When working a RS row: Knit to wrapped stitch, insert right needle into both wrap and stitch, and
knit them together.
When working a WS row: Purl to wrapped stitch, use tip of left needle to pick up "wrap" and place it
on left needle, purl wrap and stitch together

The wrap and turn bit above this in the pattern is straight forward enough but what does the above bit mean ? :) Any help appreciated.. thanks Stef

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Love it! Love it! Love it! I'll definitely be taking this project under serious consideration.

Great job!

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The colors are devastating.(In a good way). The whole piece reminds me of an abstract expressionsit painting from the 50s or or 60s. Like one of those paint stainers - Helen Frankenthaler or Moris Lewis. Their compositions are very different but the over all feelling of rhythm and color is the same.

"I can't take any credit for the colours of the yarn, as that's the way Noro makes it."

Au contraire, you chose the colors and placed them. Only God can take credit for a color but we can take credit for coordinating it.

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I get the whole crochet thing. Actually I have no desire to learn how to crochet (why? I don't know). Anyway, perhaps a knitted border could be used as suggested thus eliminating the need to crochet. Nonetheless, this is such a striking piece. You do beautiful work and these are amazing color choices.


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Everyone has already said what I'm thinking about the gorgeous afghan! It is stunning. You did a fantastic job!

Knit like the wind!

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