Knit Back Backwards

Today was my class for knitting back backwards. For my birthday the owner of the shop gave me the class that I wanted to take to learn this technique. The instructor was Candace Eisner Strick from I can't begin to tell you how much fun it was to take this class. The technique of knitting (or smoothing back) and purling (or bumping back) in the opposite direction is such a cool technique I really see myself using this all the time. A great time was had by all in the class even though there was no project goal in mind...if you get a chance to learn this technique by all means do it. And if you get the opportunity to take a class from Candace, be sure you do...she's extremely engaging and a true technique goddess! Her color work is amazing.


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I like the terms "smoothing back" and "bumping back" - it gets so confusing , because if you are doing it backwards and the side you are looking a produces a knit stitch, but the directions call for a purl stitch( because the directions assume you are working on the other side) are you purling back or knitting back?

It is an invaluable technique for entrelac, or for knitting on borders perpendicular to the body of work. well worth learning.

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smoothing and bumping... it's kind of hinky in the beginning (I have played with the idea but haven't committed to learning how) but I can definitely see the benefits to it! Glad you had a good time in your class :)



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I feel like such an amateur, I have never heard of knitting back or purling back. Where do I find info on it ? Mario says it would be a great way to do a border and I need something like that for the afghan I am working on. Glad you enjoyed your classes. The knitting classes around here are all basic.

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Would this be something you'd like to see done in a video. I could attempt it and set it up for you on my blog. What do you think?

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I would be interested.