Has there ever been a MWK convention ? I saw a posting on it whilst doing a search. Could be a fun thing to do ?


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Sounds interesting. Maybe we should do a poll to see how many would be interested. It would be great fun to actually meet everyone in person.

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Could be a problem- I'm a figment of cyberspace.

Something I would be very interested in. I try and get tot he states at least once a year so Im sure me and steve would be up for it.

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Sign me up now and i'm making my plane reservations. I think it should be in Guernerville, Ca (Russian River) with side trips into San Francisco. We can have a Dolores Park knit-in! I'm sure there would be no shortage of sponsors. Just imagine what the sponsor display floor would be like. All that Yarn and needles and patterns...I'm salivating now.

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Love the idea of Guerneville. I need an excuse to go back to the Highland Inn. Sign me up.

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That would be cool......How about the middle of the middle.......Kansas anyone?????? hee hee hee

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i'd go

we put birds on things

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count me in...I'm in San Francisco...